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What is lehjun?

Lehjun is a franchise in the entertainment industry with a mission to fuel the next generation of creatives. Lehjun (pronounced legend) is a term that the average won’t quite comprehend. It was spelled to be mispronounced and misinterpreted by many. Only to be understood by those with high ambition and admiration of the greats.

Lehjun is more than a brand: It’s a culture, birth right, personality, mantra, movement, energy, legacy, and a spirit of becoming the best in every aspect of everything you can do. The vision of Lehjun is to constantly evolve artist, actors, entertainers, creators, athletes, entrepreneurs, influencers, business, and even brands PAST their peak performance.

We respect the past achievements, but Lehjuns never rest on their laurels. We invoke the future and bring the past forward. We accept nothing less than the best and we still find room to improve. Lehjun represents people who don’t fit the mold, they make the mold. People who don’t write history, they create it. You can become a lehjun by recognizing dalehjun as your favorite artist, buying his merch, streaming his music, and following him on all social media platforms. Become a Lehjun.


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