Who is Dalehjun?

Isaac Curry (born July 21, 1997), known professionally as Dalehjun, is a rapper, artist, songwriter, visionary, business mogul, entertainer, and entrepreneur. Dalehjun (pronounced the legend) means “The Last Energy”. Dalehjun considers himself as the final marquee star. He believes he is the last essence that compares or can top the Mount Rushmore names such as Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods, Babe Ruth, Gordon Ramsey, Stan Lee…etc.

Dalehjun took a look at today’s entertainment industry and saw the lack of creativity and evolution. He questioned what separates the average person and the stars of today. The answer was nothing. Today’s stars don’t last and majority are industry plants. Dalehjun’s vision is to show people that “Mega Stars” still exist and he is the one who will inspire the next generation of entertainers. His mission is to build a franchise (Lehjun) that dominates every category of every field. Lehjun is about him providing for him family and leaving them a legacy for the ages. His philosophy is that you don’t fit the mold, you make it.

Dalehjun wants to achieve a level of greatness that has never been achieved. Time after time, Dalehjun is deemed unstoppable in every aspect.
He continues to break every stereotype and every barrier that has been bestowed upon him by his past or his doubters. He wants to make history and he wants the world to “Say His Name”. Dalehjun’s end goal is not only to become “The Legend” or “The Goat” but for you, the reader, to recognize him as “Your Favorite Artist”.